What are windscreens for?

What does a windscreen do for you

Impotence to why you should get your windscreen installed correctlyDid you know that your cars windscreen provides a major roll to the structural strength supporting the cabin of your vehicle? For example, in the event of a head on collision the windscreen provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of vehicles cabin and in the event of a rollover up to 60%.Just take a moment and think about it…. What would it feel like for over half the force of a collision to be absorbed by YOU only because your windscreen was not installed properly and flew out in an accident? It happens more often than most of us are aware.The windscreen plays a major roll as mentioned above on rollovers. It keeps the roof from crushing down on you and it insures the airbags to deploy within the correct position to protect passengers. Also prevents you and your family from being ejected out of the vehicle in an serious collision. It’s vital to you and your family’s safety that the all automotive glass on your your vehicle be be installed properly.I know. Some might say yeah… right…. I have seen it done many times. I willjust got to Bunnings get some adhesive and supercheap auto get some tools toremove my old windscreen and do it myself…..  Simple as.Q. But is it that simple?A. Sure it is.Q. Is it installed properly? A. I bet its not

Look at the videos bellow and I bet you think otherwise