windscreen replacement cost
How much dose a windscreen replacement or repair cost?

Windscreen Replacement Cost

Why does a new windscreen replacement cost vary

How much dose a windscreen replacement or repair cost?

One of the most common questions we get when customers call us for a  new windscreen installation is.

“Why is it that every windscreen company I call has a different price?”

That question is kind of hard to answer for the customer to understand.

To start with the price difference has to do with where they source their glass.

All autoglass is imported, regardless If it is the front windscreen, the back window, the door glass or the cargo glass…. It is all imported.  There are no autoglass manufacturers left in Australia.

 So if anybody tries to sell you an Australian made autoglass, They are not being honest with you.

Another reason is the adhesive. There is a lot of cheap adhesive being imported into Australia that does not meet the Australian, New Zealand, European orAmerican Standards.

These adhesives just haven’t gone through the process to be tested in a crash environment. In saying that, did you know that the front windscreen is part of the structure of the vehicle in a head-on collision?

  You read right!  It’s up to 46% of the structure on a head-on collision and up to 60% if you roll over the car to support the roof so it won’t squash you. ( pretty impressive, hey?)

Another question you really need to ask is…. What adhesive do they use?

Maybe be smart about it.  Ask them…… “Once you’re finished installing my new windscreen, how long before I can drive my car?”, They might say 1hr , which is the most common adhesive. Once they give you the safe driveaway time, Do the next question. “What brand do you use? “, and then push with the questions. If they say for example Sika ask, “which one in particular and why do you prefer to use that over the other?”

So once you have all the information use Mr Google. Search for information on the particular adhesive that they have given you.

Also, you need to find out if there are any hidden extras?  For example. If the new windscreen requires a new mould is that in the price? Another example let’s say maybe your windscreen is equipped with a rain sensor. Does the price include a new gel patch for the rain sensor? You would be surprised at how many auto glass companies are out there giving a price to a customer and once the job starts,  not prior to the start of the job….but once it starts and it’s too late to change your mind they say….. “Oh, you will need a new rubber mould, which will be an extra $20,$40 maybe more”

Another way that they try and undercut the competitors is that they use no-name and unapproved adhesives. Throughout my years in the industry, I’ve seen many windscreens installed with silicone. Silicone is not a structural adhesive, it’s a sealant. If you have a windscreen installed with that and you’re involved in an accident the windscreen will fly out once the airbags are set off.  You’ll probably say to yourself “who cares, I have bigger worries, my car is smashed. I’m not going to worry about the glass,  insurance can fix it.”

It’s not really the way to look at it.  Like we mentioned above, the windscreen is up to 46% of the structure of the vehicle. What do you think will happen once you lost the support of your windscreen?  Even if that was not the case, let’s just say that the windscreen was just a cosmetic thing to keep the bugs out of your teeth and your hair nice. You have to think. When that glass goes flying out of the car where is it going to land? Is it just going to land in the paddock? Or is it just going to hit the first pedestrian, cyclist, a child walking home from school?  There are many, many, many more reasons as to why saving $40 or $60 is not worth the risk.

A way to help you choose an installer for the new windscreen is using social media. Don’t just check the Stars of their ranking. A lot of them may be fake, not all of them but a lot. Dig deep, read the reviews, see what their customers say. Are they honest? Are they reasonably priced? Do they have good customer service? Read the reviews.

Don’t be shy to do questions.

Other key questions are. What warranty do you offer? Are you insured? Can you provide certificates for the adhesives? Are you licensed? To check if a windscreen installation and repair business is licensed got to: 

and check the business name.

And that is all i have to say about that.