Windscreen Repair

windscreen repair

Windscreen repair is the restoration to a small breakage, chip or crack on the windscreen.

With a Windscreen Stone Chip Repair, the damage is corrected and the windscreen returns to its original state and endurance. This avoids having a complete windscreen replacement which is one of the most important and essential parts for the passive safety of the vehicle.

A small chip, as harmless as it may seem, needs to be repaired immediately because it can soon turn into a major crack, resulting in a complete new windscreen replacement been needed.

The difference windscreen repairs and windscreen replacement cost are big. Having a windscreen repair will save you at least 3/4 of the cost from  having a new car windscreen installed and if you car is equipped with Advance Driver Assist features? You will be saving hundreds of dollars.

Cracked windscreens also reduce the safety of the driver and passengers.

Shattered/broken car window after a rock hit

In addition the vehicle will probably not pass the annual RTA check.

A window repair for cars can only be done on laminated glass. i.e. It consists of two layers of glass that are joined together by a membrane. Typically, the glass damage affects only the first layer of the auto glass. The windscreen can be repaired in the following cases:

  1. A) When it has not suffered extensive damage that is a large crack that extends on the cars windscreen surface, multiple small cracks or large area and depth impact from object collision.
  2. B) When the breaking diameter is not greater than a 20 cent coin.
  3. C) When the small break or crack is not in the driver’s field of view or less than 10cm. from the edge of the windscreen.

Windscreens 4U technical staffs provide reliability and long experience so that with free damage control, we can properly diagnose the problem and provide the right solution for your vehicle. We use state-of-the-art equipment and premium quality materials such as car glass repair resin to make sure your vehicle’s windscreen goes back to its original state.

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